Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Reading

Am I the only one amazed that March is here already?  It means that my baby girl just turned 14 and graduation is just around the corner for my oldest girl.  So in my efforts to deny that these events are happening, I am trying to stay buried in a book or two.

This weekend I have started reading the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.  I had seen the books on Goodreads and even purchased Until November late last year but I hadn't read it. (That seems to happen to me a lot!)  What was I thinking? I can now say I've read it and it was fabulous! I'm 60% through Until Trevor now and loving these books! Until Lilly is out now and on my TBR list.

I'll also say that they make a refreshing change after the gritty, dark MC books I've read recently.  They also fit my hero definition.  The heroines are refreshing too.  They stand up to their men even they don't win all the arguments.

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