Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Star Books That You Should Read! Now!

It's been a busy week for reading around here! I read two five star books that were both m/m/f  menage books. I've been honest in the past to say that I prefer the m/f/m books but I once again found that view challenged by these books.

The first book was Unexpected Consequences by Sloan Johnson. This book is the third book in her Isthmus Alliance series.  The entire series deals with BDSM relationships but I would say they are primarily heavy on the dominance in the first two books. This one had a bit more going on. The triad relationship is already in place when the book begins but not to the extent that they have opened up to anyone about it. They have been keeping it light and labeling it play.  That all changes when the heroine is involved in an accident and receives some serious injuries. With Mary recuperating, Jeff and Zeke develop a more intense relationship.

Much of the conflict in this book deals with the families. Mary's mother is very judgmental of her daughter's choices. Zeke's family, very Roman Catholic, isn't prepared for him to announce he is bisexual. Working through all of these conflicts is at the heart of this book. I think most people have experienced these sorts of family conflicts whether it is related to choice of a spouse or how you raise your children. Because of that, I think there is much to appeal in this book.  It would be helpful to have read the first two books in the series as the characters from those books will be taking important roles in this book as well.

The second book was Beyond Jealousy by Kit Rocha. This book is the fourth book in the Beyond series and yes you should read the entire series! This series is dystopian in nature and I love it! The authors have created a place known as Sector 4 outside the city of Eden. The city is somewhere in North America and the time is in the future after a huge magnetic pulse takes out the electrical grid of the entire USA.  The event is several generations back and Sector 4 is ruled by the O'Kane gang.

The O'Kanes are bootlegging whiskey into Eden.  They try to keep their sector relatively clean from crimes like drugs and prostitution. Cage fighting is a regular occurrence as is stripping and some wild parties. It is almost as if shame no longer exists in this world. Anything that pleases your body without damaging it is good.  And damaging may not be the right word to use here. Obviously, liquor, tattoos and fighting are encouraged.

This book tells the story of Ace, the tattoo artist for the gang, Rachel, a mechanic and brewer of beer, and Cruz, a former soldier for Eden who has defected to join the O'Kanes. Most of the conflict for the triad in this book is internal for the characters. Ace struggles to believe that he is worthy of their love.  Watching Rachel and Cruz love him through this is amazing.  Their is plenty of O'Kane action going on in this book but I don't want to give you any spoilers.  You'll just have to read it for yourself!

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