Saturday, October 25, 2014

Date with the Hubby

So my hubby and I had a date night tonight. Well, more like he came home from working all day and was starving so we went out to dinner together. Now we usually look for locally owned places to dine though sometimes we will go with a chain. Tonight we went to a local sushi and hibachi place. There was another couple across the table from us and then a family of four with two young boys sat at the remaining seats at the hibachi.

This sort of meal is a splurge for us.  With three kids, one of whom is in college, dining out is usually more of a fast food sort of thing - healthy and local but still fast. The meals came with miso soup and salads.  I ordered chicken and shrimp and my hubby ordered steak and chicken. Our chef came out and quickly set the grill the on fire after juggling the metal spatula and fork he uses. There was almost an incident with the spatula but he caught it.  That seemed to set the tone for the rest of the meal!

First up were the eggs and he, bless his heart, started the show with spinning the egg and tossing it into the air to be caught on the spatula.  The first egg fell to the grill and cracked.  The next egg was going well until he tried to catch it in his hat and it bounced out onto the table in front of the youngest boy.  Oy!

After that spectacular fail, he stuck to basics.  Everything was going well until he divvied out all the chicken and there was none for me.  I asked and they cooked me some in the back and brought it to the table.  Despite all the fiascos of the evening we still enjoyed our dinner. The food was delicious and the company was the best. As we left, my hubby let the boy know that he had the best story of the night.  Not everyone has an egg land in front of them at the hibachi! We also made sure to tip well. The food was good after all and I hope it communicates to the chef that we appreciated his efforts and we hope his night improved.

Now I'm off to read a book!  Happy Saturday!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Confession

I just finished reading a book that was really hard for me to finish and I liked it, sort of, and I was repulsed at the same time. That has never happened before.

I usually enjoy BDSM / TPE stories but this particular book went down paths I did not expect. It's definitely not for everyone! I was seriously grossed out at points. I knew those sorts of kinks existed but I was not expecting to read about them!  I have read other books in this series without having the gross out factor and I enjoyed them. I'm going to link to my Goodreads review here and you can see the book. I'm not putting it out here on the blog though.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do you use Goodreads?

I stumbled onto a conversation the other day on Facebook with people discussing Goodreads. I started reading the thread but I'm thinking these people are using something else than the Goodreads that I know. They referred to vicious attacks and bullying but I have never seen that sort of behaviour.  I don't have a ton of friends out there but I do use the site frequently (multiple times a day, usually) to keep track of my own reading and research new books that I might want to read. I don't always agree with reviews but I haven't seen anything that would be vicious.  So I want to know, do you use Goodreads?  What's been your experience on the site?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pre-Ordered or The Watch List!

I am loving the fact I can now pre-order most books from my favorite authors.  It helps me keep up with release dates too.  There is only one book on this list that was not available for pre-order.  In order to keep a visual record, I've added a new widget over to the right which has my pre-orders rolling through,

The first book that is not available for pre-order is Jamie Begley's Riot (Predators MC #1).  It's coming October 24, 2014.  Be sure to check out the hot cover for Riot!

The second book that is not available for pre-order is Natasza Waters' Code Name: Luminous. Arriving November 7, 2014, this is the fourth book in the excellent A Warrior's Challenge series.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Locke Review

This book should probably win every award for best cover!  I'm going to start my review right there. It's an awesome cover! Locke is the latest and final book in the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan. I've read them all and this was a fitting final chapter for the series.

Maddox has always played a pivotal role in the previous stories.  He was always the one to support the women when they needed something whether it was a safe place to stay or a rescue.  Yet he never had anyone of his own.  The relationship with Emme seemed one sided until this book.

<Spoilers ahead if you haven't read the series yet... And what are you waiting for?  Go buy the books!>

This book gives the reader the back stories to Maddox Locke and Emersyn Rose and they are not pretty by any stretch of the imagination.  Emmy has left Georgia to return home after Coop's death because she feels responsibility for it.  He died protecting her.Maddox finds her dancing in her parents' stripclub where she is their star act.  What a horrible family legacy to have! Her parents have done nothing to protect her except to teach her to dance. She is rescued from the club years earlier by Coop.  That is how she comes to be working for Corps Security.

Maddox has been fighting his own battles. His family is horrible but on a different level.  His mother is abusive to him and has raised him to feel he is nothing more than a curse to his family.  Between her machinations and the death of fellow marines in an explosion he survives, he feels that he may really be cursed.

So Locke brings us story of how these two heal each other and find their place with each other.  It's beautiful but not without a lot of struggles.  Go read!

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