Saturday, October 25, 2014

Date with the Hubby

So my hubby and I had a date night tonight. Well, more like he came home from working all day and was starving so we went out to dinner together. Now we usually look for locally owned places to dine though sometimes we will go with a chain. Tonight we went to a local sushi and hibachi place. There was another couple across the table from us and then a family of four with two young boys sat at the remaining seats at the hibachi.

This sort of meal is a splurge for us.  With three kids, one of whom is in college, dining out is usually more of a fast food sort of thing - healthy and local but still fast. The meals came with miso soup and salads.  I ordered chicken and shrimp and my hubby ordered steak and chicken. Our chef came out and quickly set the grill the on fire after juggling the metal spatula and fork he uses. There was almost an incident with the spatula but he caught it.  That seemed to set the tone for the rest of the meal!

First up were the eggs and he, bless his heart, started the show with spinning the egg and tossing it into the air to be caught on the spatula.  The first egg fell to the grill and cracked.  The next egg was going well until he tried to catch it in his hat and it bounced out onto the table in front of the youngest boy.  Oy!

After that spectacular fail, he stuck to basics.  Everything was going well until he divvied out all the chicken and there was none for me.  I asked and they cooked me some in the back and brought it to the table.  Despite all the fiascos of the evening we still enjoyed our dinner. The food was delicious and the company was the best. As we left, my hubby let the boy know that he had the best story of the night.  Not everyone has an egg land in front of them at the hibachi! We also made sure to tip well. The food was good after all and I hope it communicates to the chef that we appreciated his efforts and we hope his night improved.

Now I'm off to read a book!  Happy Saturday!

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