Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Deacon Review

I pre-ordered Deacon way back on August 7th and waited and waited for this new book to arrive. It finally did just that late Monday night.  I started in immediately! And I should tell you that I re-read the three previous books in the series during the last week just so I would have it fresh in my mind. Yes, I am that reader!  

Deacon opens with a warning that this Adult Erotic romance with an anti-hero. The warning also states there will be explicit erotic scenes (Yes please!) that include light dominance, bondage, as well as anal sex and beyond. I was obviously sold even before I read the warning but that kind of warning in not a deterrent for me.

Kristen Ashley has brought the story of Deacon and Cassie to life with vivid imagery. Deacon is a tortured soul who finally finds his way back to the light. From the first time he meets Cassie to the beginning of their relationship takes 6 years. During those 6 years we see Cassie scrape off her loser boyfriend and work towards her dream with her rental cabins. Deacon is a repeat renter of cabin 11 over those 6 years with irregular visits.  They even spend a Christmas together in her home when he shows up one Christmas Eve and cabin 11 is already rented.

When he finally gives in to the light which is Cassie, their relationship takes off.  Deacon looks more like a traditional alpha hero at times but that back story is always in play. Their relationship definitely has the ups and downs of any other but Deacon cannot bring himself to move fully into the light.

I don't want to give you any more!  You need to read the story for yourself because it is so good! I gave it a five star rating on goodreads. I can tell you that I loved the way some characters from previous books and series were woven into the fabric of Deacon.  That made my heart so very happy!

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