Friday, February 14, 2014


I waited anxiously to read this anthology and I am happy to report that it did not disappoint!  I was most anxious for Kit Rocha's novella in the Beyond Series, Beyond Temptation (#3.5).  This is the story of Noah and Emma.  Noah can do all things tech and not part of the O'Kane gang.  Emma is apprenticed to Ace (His story is on the way!!!  Cannot wait!) and definitely part of the O'Kane family.  They have a past history and Beyond Temptation is definitely where Noah finds himself.

The other writers in the book were new to me.  I enjoyed Vivian Arend's Rocky Ride which begins her new Thompson Brothers series.  I have read another book by this author now and enjoyed it as well.  Rocky Ride tells the story of a RCMP (Anna Coleman) and a bad boy mechanic (Mitch Thompson).  It's a different take on the hero cop when that is the woman.  I liked it.

The big discovery for me was Lauren Dane's work.  The novella here is All That Remains.  It is futuristic and set sort of post-apocalyptic. The author has stated that it is not dystopian. In the story, an horrific illness has claimed much of the population. The population balance has been thrown out of whack and males now outnumber females by a large percentage.  Menage relationships have become the norm for many.  I don't want to give much away but I will tell you that this story featured m/m as well as mmf and mfm.  I am not normally a fan of m/m and mmf but something about the story here made it fit and work for me.

This book is on sale now through the end of February for only $2.99.  I think you should definitely treat yourself this Valentine's Day!

happy reading!

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