Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mean People S*ck

The internet and social media never fail to amaze me. People find the strangest things to complain about. If one of my favorite authors has sold a bunch of books, I'm thrilled for them! I would never even think about purchases made by an author. It's none of my business and how would I know the source of the money used for said purchase. I've noticed several authors moving into new homes and I think it's wonderful for them. I wouldn't even begin to think the money came just from book sales though. Many times there is a spouse involved who is providing substantial income. There could have been an inheritance or another time of settlement. None of that matters because it's none of my business!

I think there are too many people complaining about things lately. I saw someone tell an author how upset she was when books she bought full price were put on sale for $0.99. I don't understand it! The same thing happens all the time in retail. Authors need to be able to grow their fan base and putting books on sale is one of the best tools they have!

It seems to me it is much too easy to make disparaging remarks via social media. I can completely understand the choice to withdraw from it. Of course that isn't a realistic option for many. The interaction with readers helps the reader connect with the author. I would sorely miss Kristen Ashley, Harper Sloan, Cherise Sinclair, Kallypso Masters and Candace Blevins if they withdrew. There are more authors I could put on that list as well. I just want them all to continue writing!!!

So my advice to authors ...

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