Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time for another Saturday Confession

I have found out something about myself recently. I love books that make me cry! I'm blaming Kristen Ashley for this. I started to notice this as I was reading her Fantasyland series. I finished reading Broken Dove this week and ugly crying was involved. I love this series!

 I frequently spend time waiting in my van with my kindle while the kids are doing things or my hubby is busy working. It's sort of embarrassing to have them return and I am sitting there with tears just rolling down my face.

I have a hypothesis that this sort of crying is good for me and actually helps me keep my emotions in check during real life events. I'm about to put it to the test this coming week when my oldest graduates from high school and my baby graduates 8th grade from her k-8 school.  Two huge steps for our family that I have been dreading and they both happen this coming Thursday!  Yikes!  I plan to take tissues just in case.

For me to enjoy these books, they must still have the happy ever after ending. Without the HEA, I couldn't do it.  Feel free to share your favorite tear inducing books!  I need to add more to my shelves!

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