Sunday, March 6, 2016

More About Horse

 Have you discovered the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club? This club is not like any other. The members are werewolves with some special skills in and out of the bedroom.

Now Candace Blevins brings us Horse who isn't a werewolf but rather a werebear. A grizzly bear shifter to be exact. 

Then she throws in a female rabbit shifter. One who has reason to be nervous, particularly when around predators. Bears, wolves and big cats? They're all in the story!

The Synopsis

Horse is one of the first non-wolf shifters to be patched into the RTMC after the rule change. He’s a Grizzly Bear, and his old pawnshop has become the MC’s new gun store in a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Gabby is a rabbit shifter with a complicated history. Rabbits live in Faerie, but her parents chose to escape to the human realm so they could be together. Tragedy struck twice though, and she was taken to The Summerlands at fourteen to be raised by extended family. She’s grown now and has chosen to come back, even though it means she’s alone in this world.

Bears are loners who are used to getting their way. Rabbits are sexual, social creatures who need a wide variety of partners in their lives if they go outside their own species.
And Gabby’s past is on a trajectory to keep her from the future she wants.

My Review

I loved this book! Ms Blevins has one of the most creative and twisted minds and it shines here in Horse. The character of Horse is a member of the RTMC but he is not a wolf shifter, he's a grizzly shifter and as far as I know he is the only member who is not a wolf. Gabby is a rabbit shifter and quite the different character. The author is able to blend the natural traits of each species into their shifter characters in such a way the characterization is enhanced and the story flows. Horse enjoys the brotherhood of the RTMC but doesn't need the pack traits as the wolves do. Gabby is introduced as a very timid woman who startles easily and has a freeze or flee instinct. It's with Gabby that the author really gets creative. Everyone knows rabbits reproduce easily and Ms Blevins took the base knowledge and ran in a direction I was not really expecting. It's so good though! We get to see Gabby grow into a strong woman and that has a lot to do with Horse.

The book doesn't contain the level of kink which is present in the author's Safeword series but it does have a little bit. While you can jump into the series with this book and be fine, you would be cheating yourself of hours of reading pleasure by not reading the entire series starting with Only Human. There are characters from many previous stories who appear in this book and knowing how Ms Blevins other supernatural characters behave will enhance the read.

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